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Nightly Skin Care: Sleeping Beauty

Nightly skin care isn’t just a luxury you save for a Girls’ Night In spa indulgence. You may be totally committed to the 3 daily skin care essentials — cleanse, moisturize, protect — in the morning. But when it comes to the end of the day, many of us shirk…
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Men’s Skin Care: Healthy and Handsome

Men’s skin care is about a lot more than aftershave. Since June is Men’s Health Month, we’re sharing some tips on how men can keep the largest organ of the body — their skin! — healthy and handsome. Men’s Skin: The 411 Gender does make a difference when it comes…
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Summer Skin Care: Lighten Up!

Summer skin needs a whole different level of care than winter skin, and summer beauty is all about lightening up. Here are a few tips, now that school’s out and vacations are in, for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful all summer long. Lighten up your daily skin care routine….
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Melasma: The Mother’s Day Present Nobody Wants

Melasma is a skin pigmentation darkening of the face often associated with pregnancy. With Mother’s Day celebrated this coming Sunday, we’re sharing some tips and treatments for this common skin issue. Who Gets Melasma? There are several types and causes of melasma, and it can occur in men as well as…
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Sensitive Skin Secrets

Sensitive skin can be a problem at all ages and stages. But you needn’t be a shrinking violet. We’ve got tips and tricks to care for your sensitive skin this spring, and all through the year. Just what is sensitive skin? Generally speaking, sensitive skin tends to overreact to the…
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Spring Cleansing Your Skin Care

Cleansing is more than skin deep, and it’s that time of year to spring cleanse your skin care. Let the longer daylight and the renewal of nature be your reminder to lose the old and bring in the new for healthy, beautiful skin. Cleansing Your Skin Care Stash Makeup and…
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“PLEASE USE SUNSCREEN!” If Not for Us, for Hugh Jackman

Yada yada yada sunscreen. We know, you’re tired of hearing it. But if you won’t listen to us, how about a sunscreen public service announcement from Wolverine? Or Jean Valjean? The actor Hugh Jackman is known for his rugged Aussie good looks, his superhero physique, and his Broadway show-stopping musical…
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Moisturize to Fight Drought, Inside & Out

When in doubt, moisturize. That’s skin’s best advice all year long in Southern California’s dry Mediterranean climate, but it’s especially true in the winter months, when chilly winds and indoor heating evaporate natural moisture. El Nino rains may be taking the edge off our prolonged landscape drought. But don’t rely…
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Sunscreen: Your #1 New Year’s Resolution

It’s the single best way to insure healthy skin, beautiful skin all year. It protects against skin cancer and slays premature aging. It doesn’t require the beauty budget of a Hollywood star or the services of a cosmetic surgeon. It’s no secret: you’ve known about it since your earliest beach…
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