EmSculpt Neo

Comprehensive Dermatology of Pasadena, CA, is proud to introduce EmSculpt Neo to our community. This groundbreaking treatment combines radiofrequency with high-intensity electromagnetic energies for fat reduction and muscle growth. It is the gold standard of non-invasive body sculpting and has a broad appeal for patients with a BMI of up to 35.

How Does EmSculpt Neo Work?

EmSculpt Neo’s applicator simultaneously emits synchronized RF and HIFEM+ energies. This prepares targeted muscles for exposure to stress, much like a warm-up does before any workout. In under four minutes, the subcutaneous fat temperature reaches levels that cause apoptosis (permanently damaged fat cells naturally removed from the body). Clinical studies have shown an average of 30% reduction of subcutaneous fat.

HIFEM+ energy contracts muscle fibers at intensities unachievable during a voluntary workout. This extreme stress forces targets muscles to adapt by increasing the number and growth of muscle cells and fibers. Clinical studies indicate an average of 25% growth in muscle volume.

During a physical workout, muscle contractions create tension in the muscle fibers that make the muscle fibers more robust and increase muscle tissue. Because EmSculpt Neo contractions are more intense than contractions experienced during weightlifting or strength training, they boost muscle tissue formation and strengthening.

EmSculpt Neo Candidates

Ideal candidates include men and women who wish to achieve their aesthetic body goals without spending countless hours at the gym. In addition, it is an excellent option for patients interested in efficient body contouring but unwilling to undergo surgery.

If you’re looking to boost your body-shaping regimen, EmSculpt Neo can help. It’s an optimal option for those with a fast-paced lifestyle who have little time to maintain a regular exercise routine.

Excellent candidates include men and women who are not more than 50 lbs. above their preferred body weight. Suitable candidates are in excellent shape, overweight or underweight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle that is moderately active.

EmSculpt Neo is not a treatment designed for cellulite reduction or weight loss.

What Is a Treatment Session Like

An EmSculpt Neo treatment session takes approximately 30 minutes. First, you’ll lie down and relax before we apply the EmSculpt Neo applicator over the targeted treatment area. Then, RF energy and HIFEM+ energy are simultaneously applied to the site through the special applicator.

The precise intensity level of the muscle contractions is controlled by the equipment. Therefore, it will be correctly calibrated for a customized treatment. The process is not painful but more like a form of exercise where endorphins are released, increasing patient comfort.

EmSculpt Neo Recovery

Once your session is completed, you can immediately return to your daily activities. No recovery or downtime is necessary. There may be some muscle soreness for a couple of days, but that is typically minor since the process addresses lactic acid buildup in the treated muscles.

Your initial results will be realized three to six weeks after your last treatment session. The benefits continue to improve over the next six months.

To achieve optimal benefits, multiple EmSculpt Neo sessions are necessary. Most patients achieve their body sculpting goals within four sessions at two-to-three-day intervals. However, for longer-lasting results, we suggest you come in every three to six months for two treatment sessions.

Contact Us Today

If you want more information about EmSculpt Neo in Pasadena and what it can do for you, contact Comprehensive Dermatology today for your consultation. We will be happy to create a customized program design for you. We also offer several other services, including laser hair removal and aesthetician services.

You can call (626) 793-7790 or contact us online.

EmSculpt Neo FAQs

What does EmSculpt Neo feel like?

The procedure is quick and convenient. There is no preparation necessary for this procedure. During treatment, you may feel intense muscle contractions with a heating sensation in targeted areas comparable to a hot stone massage. EmSculpt Neo sessions may feel like a challenging workout but never painful.

What happens to the eliminated fat after EmSculpt Neo, and does it return?

After your treatment session, the dead fat cells are flushed permanently from your body naturally through a metabolic process. While these fat cells cannot return, any remaining fat cells can continue to grow larger, and fat can be redistributed from other areas of the body. It’s important to maintain your healthy lifestyle following your EmSculpt Neo treatment.

Can it replace exercise?

Let’s say EmSculpt Neo can complement exercise because vigorous exercise for your overall health is still necessary. In fact, many who have used it report their endurance during exercise improves because the treatment increases their strength and muscle mass.


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