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Mary Lou Brimecombe-Cosmetic Consultant

Mary Lou Brimecombe

When it comes to bringing out your own healthy, beautiful, stunning self, you can’t find a better guide than our cosmetic consultant, Mary Lou Brimecombe. After an evaluation of your skin and listening carefully to how you want to look, Mary Lou can recommend a rejuvenation plan to bring you the results you want.

Mary Lou built her career with a Westside celebrity dermatologist, and her client list included red carpet stars and millionaire power players. She brings to Comprehensive Dermatology of Pasadena her glittering experience and her educated instincts about what works best for your skin—plus the knowledge that you don’t have to be a millionaire or a movie star to look your beautiful best!

Whether you’re accepting an Academy Award or headed for a high school reunion, looking to conquer acne or erase years, already know what you want or are hesitant about jumping into rejuvenation, Mary Lou will help you develop a cosmetic plan tailored to your unique beauty, your schedule, and your budget.

I had several deep peels done but my acne scarring needed much more aggressive treatments, so I consulted with Mary Lou, who is the office consultant. Mary Lou knows her stuff! She referred me to Dr. Gaspard, who specializes in advanced lasers. Dr. Gaspard has been doing lasers on me for the past year & I’m really liking the results so far. – Paula A., Pasadena

A longtime Pasadena resident with deep family and social roots in the community, Mary Lou is delighted to be part of Comprehensive Dermatology Center of Pasadena, bringing the latest and greatest proven cosmetic treatments, procedures, and products to the San Gabriel Valley—without the Westside commute or the Beverly Hills prices.

Mary Lou is in our office Monday through Thursday. Call or email today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Mary Lou.



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