TNS Essential Serum: Must-Have of the Month

TNS Essential Serum

SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum is at the top of our list when patients ask for powerful anti-aging in a single product. Here’s the pitch for this true essential, just in time to take advantage of an exciting manufacturer’s promotion!

What does TNS Essential Serum do? The real question is What doesn’t it do? When applied morning and evening to the face–plus the neck and chest, if you wish–TNS Essential Serum renews and rejuvenates all skin types, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and enhancing skin’s texture and tone. Results are visible at 30 days, and optimal at 90 days.

Why is TNS Essential Serum described as an “all-in-one” product? One pump dispenses two separate products from side-by-side chambers: TNS Recovery Complex and APS Corrective Complex. Blend with your fingertips and apply, for a revolutionary combination of a naturally secreted growth factor protein, peptides, antioxidants, skin brightener, and hyaluronic filling spheres that trap moisture on the surface of the skin like tiny sponges.

Just what is TNS? The secret of SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum is Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media (TNS), a physiologically balanced, naturally secreted and stabilized growth factor that doesn’t just cover up wrinkles–it actually stimulates the growth of younger, healthier skin cells. In studies, 92% of users rated their skin as healthier and younger looking.