Radiesse®: Hands Up for Spring!

Radiesse® is one of the best–and least familiar–secrets for looking younger than spring. The rejuvenating power is all in your hands.

We may be doing all the right things for keeping the years off our faces. We moisturize, wear sunscreen, apply retinols and serums, smooth away time with peels and masks, use injectables and tissue-tightening and laser rejuvenation treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sags. But we aren’t always aware of the unfailing giveaway of our real chronological age–our hands.

aging_handsYou can check for yourself. Place your hand on your cheek and look in the mirror. Does that hand belong to that face? Hands betray age the same way our faces do–with brown spots and dryness from sun damage, wrinkling and enlarged pores, broken capillaries, and dull tone. These can be prevented, and their appearance minimized, by many of the same techniques we use on our faces. (See Tips, below.) But there’s one way hands age that calls for special treatment.

As we get older, our hands can appear more knobby or skeletal, with the veins and bones on the back of the hands becoming more prominent as the tissues under the skin lose volume and resilience. Radiesse®, an injectable dermal filler, is the first and only FDA-approved product for hand augmentation. Radiesse® safely restores volume to the hands, while providing a smooth, natural look that is visible immediately and lasts for up to one year. Click here to learn more about Radiesse® and to see a video about how it works.


At Comprehensive Dermatology Center of Pasadena, we are experts at Radiesse® and other treatments to rejuvenate your hands. Call or email us today for your complimentary consultation!

Tips for Keeping Hands Ageless

In addition to Radiesse® treatment, you can help your hands stay as young-looking as the rest of you by following these everyday tips:

  • Apply a moisturizing hand lotion morning and night, and after outdoor exposure or messy chores.
  • Don’t forget your hands when applying (and reapplying) broad-spectrum UV protection! Those freckles and marks we used to call age spots are actually areas of sun damage.
  • Wear latex or nylon (if you’re sensitive) gloves when washing dishes or doing other wet chores. Use gardening gloves when working in the yard.
  • Add a moisturizing, massaging hand treatment to one of our luxurious spa facials.
  • Check with us for treatments to reduce brown spots and broken capillaries.

Don’t forget. Your face may be younger than springtime, but your hands never lie! Let us give you a hand in taking care of them.