Lovely Lashes with LATISSE

What’s the LATISSE 411? What can this popular product do for you?

When we were kids, we loved finding a fallen eyelash to make a wish on. We should have been wishing for eyelashes that never fell! Over time, though, even the flirtiest lashes grow sparser, thinner, and lighter, losing their ability to provide a youthful frame for our still-sparkling eyes.

The traditional solutions include cosmetics and false eyelashes. Both have come a very long way from the days of clumpy, harsh black mascara or unnatural doll-like fake lashes that came unglued and looked like stray caterpillars. Today’s lash-lengthening mascaras, applied correctly, can enhance less-than-lush lashes and endure both workouts and tears without clumping. Artificial lashes, applied hair by hair by a professional cosmetician, can be a natural-looking stopgap.

But Allergan’s LATISSE, the FDA-approved liquid formula that promotes the growth of longer, fuller, darker lashes, has fast become the solution of choice for many. LATISSE–available through your cosmetic dermatologist–is applied with a special wand to the upper lid line only. It can be safely used by most women (check with your doctor if you take medication for the regulation of internal eye pressure). Occasionally, LATISSE may cause darkening of the eyelid skin, which may be reversible; this side effect is uncommon when the product is applied correctly. (See this video for a how-to.)

If you’re looking to try LATISSE, or want to stock up for yourself or as gifts, this is a great time. Through March 31, we’re featuring a manufacturer’s special. Purchase one 5mL Kit of LATISSE and receive a coupon for a $40 mail-in rebate! This offer is good for up to three 5mL Kits, for a total savings of $120! Call or stop by today and we’ll give you WAY more than 20 lashes, and not the pirate kind!