Love the Turkey, Lose the Neck!

It’s time to talk turkey. The traditional Thanksgiving bird has a lot going for it, when it comes to feeding your healthy skin. It’s a good source of lean protein and nutrients, including tryptophan for a natural boost of calm and restfulness. If you can limit your fixins to small portions of the calorie-laden stuffing, potatoes, gravy, rolls, candied yams, and pie (OK, I said “limit,” not give up entirely!), and add salad, celery sticks, and roasted veggies, the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal is not your enemy.

On your plate, that is.

There’s one place none of us wants to see turkey, at Thanksgiving or any time of year. The dreaded turkey neck in the mirror or in those holiday photos is a real buzzkill. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to remind you that we have the solution to the turkey neck right here!

Lose the Turkey Neck with KYBELLA