KYBELLA for Men: Helping Guys Loosen Their Ties

KYBELLA, the FDA-approved nonsurgical treatment that reduces the underjaw fullness known as the double chin, has been wildly popular since it became available a little over a year ago. As with many cosmetic treatments, women love KYBELLA because it subtracts years from the profile and allows low necklines and jeweled chokers. The treatment also removes the one stubborn accumulation of fat that has little to do with weight, and lots to do with heredity. If your parents’ and grandparents’ portraits feature double chins (or high collars to hide them), yours probably do, too.

But cosmetic dermatologists have been a little surprised at how quickly KYBELLA treatments have taken off with men. Interest in cosmetic treatments and products has grown sharply among men in recent years, though male patients still make up only about 10% of cosmetic dermatology patients. Some providers, however, have noted that the percentage is much higher — up to 40% — when it comes to KYBELLA treatments.

Stealth cosmetics

There are a couple of important reasons for KYBELLA’s popularity among men. For one thing, men generally prefer nonsurgical cosmetic treatments to cosmetic surgery, with its long recovery time and higher risk and expense. Today’s nonsurgical rejuvenation — BOTOX, injectable fillers, spa treatments, and fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting — can generally offer natural, noticeable results with little or no downtime, allowing men to schedule treatment during lunch breaks and attract little attention. KYBELLA, which uses a series of injections to destroy the fat cells under the chin, fits this profile perfectly.


The chiseled chin

One motivation for men who undertake KYBELLA treatment might be largely unconscious, but powerful. From superheroes to super spies, from rom-com heroes to military leaders, our society’s definition of male power and attractiveness involves classically chiseled features, including a strong, sculpted jaw. Studies have shown that, unfair as it is, men who fit this stereotype tend to achieve more highly, whether in the armed services or in business. Consciously or not, men with less than chiseled chins — which is most men — might want to seek the extra edge KYBELLA treatment can give, if only in personal confidence.

Tight collars

Another reason men choose KYBELLA, doctors are finding, is a factor of the male business style. Men with fullness under the chin suffer disproportionately from the standard business wardrobe of buttoned collars and ties. Because the double chin bears no relation to a man’s overall weight or fitness level, men with double chins end up having to order their shirts with collar sizes too large to accommodate their fuller necks, or they wear shirts that fit and end up tugging at their tight collars and ties all day long. If you are always loosening your tie and running your fingers under your collar to keep it from chafing, even though the rest of your shirt fits fine, you are probably a candidate for KYBELLA!

Comprehensive Dermatology of Pasadena offers KYBELLA treatment for men and women. Contact us today if you are a man who can’t wait to loosen his tie!