5 Awesome Hair Salons in Pasadena

Are you looking for a great hair salon in the Pasadena area? The Comprehensive Dermatology Center of Pasadena compiled the below list of five awesome hair salons in Pasadena. Whether you’re looking to get pampered, need a haircut, or want a new summer color, these salons will provide you with excellent service. Next time you’re looking for a hair salon, visit one of the awesome ones below!

  1. Bravo – Escape your everyday life and get pampered from head to toe at this modern salon and spa.
  2. L’elan Studio – Get your hair shaped, colored, and transformed into an unique, individualized masterpiece.
  3. Luxe Lab – The “Perfect Balance” philosophy ensures your hair will be given the best care.
  4. Scissors Paper Rock Salon – From hair to makeup, you can achieve a totally new look incorporating the perfect colors.
  5. Union Salon – Meet a band of hairstylists that have come together to provide you with premium services.
hair salons in pasadena